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Business Club Membership Information

(Exclusive Membership, Raison D'Etre)membership-card

VIP CONNECTIONS only promotes one exclusive member per category of business per city in the world; who proclaim themselves as being ethical business people who share the VIP CONNECTIONS business vision and who are worthy of our business support.

• Guaranteed Business Referrals or Your Second Year Membership is Free

• 48 minute radio interview on the VIP Business Insider allowing you to promote your goods and services to thousands of our business listeners via our sister company VIP INTERNET RADIO. Furthermore we send out 200,000 emails notifying our Business Prospects of your Radio Interview promoting your Goods and Services. Last but not in the least you shall receive a podcast copy in .MP3 Format which you can add to your website and allow your visitors and/or potential clients to learn more about your business.

• Exclusive business membership; meaning that we only choose one member per category of business in your particular city and promote them accordingly to our thousands of future members seeking to do business with ethical business people such as yourself, we presume.

A) 3% cash rebate paid yearly on all of your purchases made on most qualifying goods and services sold to you by your co- members.

B) $100 residual commission paid to you when referring new members signing up for VIPCONNECTIONS.COM.

C) $1000 free membership the following year when you have referred us an absolute minimum of 3 new Exclusive business members who will have joined VIP CONNECTIONS.

$1000 US per year plus a 6% commission paid to VIP CONNECTIONS on all of your sales or revenue commissions derived from the purchases made by all of our members and/or referred customers. ( Payable via 3 post dated checks - interest free )

Dr Please Help Me©
What happens when your computers malfunction or completely break down? You panic and who do you call? Well as a VIP CONNECTIONS Member you call the Doc - John, our computer maintenance specialist who will advice you, Free of Charge for 2(Two) Times and guide you over the phone on what to do. 866.547.9498

Please Note and Appreciate
VIP CONNECTIONS will expel any member proven guilty of misleading and/or defrauding any business consumer pursuant to our mediatory intervention.

Disclaimer: As acknowledged by law, VIP CONNECTIONS cannot be held liable for any losses incurred, if ever, by any business consumer when doing business with one of our members.