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EZ 50 Membership Service Plan

Hello Friends;
You are about to make the best business decision ever by joining VIP CONNECTIONS® as a business consumer, absolutely FREE for the time being.

EZ50 Membership Service Plan Benefits.
• 3% cash rebate paid yearly on all qualifying purchases made on goods or services provided by our VIP CONNECTIONS® Exclusive Business Members.
• Unique business offers emailed to you via our private & confidential email service sent to you weekly.
• $1000 worth of radio advertising credit earned when you have purchased an absolute minimum of $10,000 worth of qualitfying goods or services purchases from our VIP CONNECTIONS® Exclusive Business Members.

Membership Application

DEZ 250 Membership Service Plan

• Same benefits as our EZ50 Membership Service Plan.
• 30 minutes professional radio interview (deemed powerful advertising) to promote your business and podcasted on your Web site for your thousand of visitors to appreciate and be impressed.

DEZ 500 Membership Service Plan

• Same benefits as our EZ50 and DEZ250 Membership service plan.
• $500 of advertising credit applicable on VIP Internet Radio®
• $150 of Membership credit applicable on;
A) Membership Renewal or
B) Membership upgrade to our VIP 1000 Membership Service Plan (For qualified applicants only)

VIP 1000 Membership Service Plan

Congratulations! in advance if you qualify for this membership plan.
Go ahead and evaluate if this plan is for you...
Includes: Many Awesome Privileges! However;

Exclusive Benefits

• VIP CONNECTIONS® selects only one qualifying business member per category of business per city in North America.
• Our Exclusive business member receives;

A) Guaranteed Business Referrals or their membership is free for the following year.
B) Exclusive 48 minutes Radio Interview on our VIP Business Insider© Radio Program.
C) $1000 worth of advertising credit on VIP Internet Radio®
D) Free email marketing service advertising their goods or services to all of our thousands of members (one time free service per membership year)

Call me directly for more information on how to join VIP CONNECTIONS®

Don Emilio Zinno, ceo